2009-10 ArtLink theme announced: Expressions: Celebrating Our Traditions and Values

Friday, April 17, 2009 8:22 AM
Based on results of a poll conducted on our partner teacher networking site, CulturExchange, the theme for our 2009-10 ArtLink program is:
Expressions: Celebrating Our Traditions and Values.

Below is a a fuller explanation of the theme:

An expression is an illustration, representation, or articulation of an idea. This year we are asking our participating young artists to create a piece of art that illustrates, represents, or articulates a tradition that is practiced in their homes, schools, places of worship, orcommunities.

As your students think about what tradition they want to select for their subject, they should remember that traditions often mirror what a group of people value most. That’s one of the main reasons they are carried out by generation after generation.

We invite classes to conceive and create for theirArtLink partners a collection of art that includes a variety of family, religious, ethnic, or national traditions.The traditions can be reflected in holiday celebrations, clothing, foods, sports, entertainment, etc. They could be practiced just once in a life-time, or each day, or on a regular basis anywhere in between. Your students should be reminded that their partner class will not only just enjoy looking at your art pieces, but they will be delving below the surface of the pieces to discover what your students value most in their lives.

Coro Fabretto Youth Choir shares Nicaraguan music and culture

Friday, April 10, 2009 12:21 PM

Fourteen talented singers and dancers from San Jose de Cusmapa, Nicaragua, our Spring, 2009 International Young Performers' Tour participants, appeared at Roton Middle School, Rowayton School, Laurel Plains School, Unquowa School, Jefferson School, Pound Ridge School, and Stepping Stones Museum for Children. Click here to access more info and to hear audio clips of the singers.

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