Newly Posted: The 2010 International Children's Art Exhibit

Friday, April 9, 2010 2:15 PM

The show, featuring insightful art from young artists in 28 countries, was on display at the New Canaan Library from April 7-May 12. The festive artist reception was attended by over 100 local artists, teachers, family members and friends.

"Expressions: Celebrating our Traditions and Values", showcases the talents of 180 student artists sharing the traditions that mean the most to them.

This exhibit can now be viewed on our website. Click here to go directly to this exhbit.

Creative Connections thanks Developing World Markets for underwriting both the "live" show and the online exhbit.

Announcing the 2010 Int'l and US Art Partners of the Year

10:53 AM

Princess and Mohammed at the opening reception of our 2010 Art Show on April 7.

Creative Connections is honored to announce this year's Art Partners of the Year:

International Award: Mohammed Abdel Dayem's class at the Wakalet El Ghouri Art Center in Cairo, Egypt.

US Award: Princess Cureton's class at North Mianus School, Riverside, CT.

Both Mohammed's and Princess' classes produced a wide variety of colorful, thoughtful pieces for their partners that communciated the richness of their respective cultures. Congratulations to the talented young artists and their teachers for being such fine ambassadors for their countries.

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